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A return to RCT’s Past

Our Town

Stage Manager – David Cobine

Dr. Gibbs- John Munger

Mrs. Gibbs- Ruthanne Bolling

Emily- Chloe Burton

Wally- Dylan Dalby

Mr. Webb- Shane Edington

Mrs. Webb- Annie Glen

George- Dustin Summan

Rebecca- Lily Ballenger

Howie Newsome- Rachel Phenis

Prof Willard – Bob Myers

Simon Stimson – Jordan Wolfe

Mrs. Soams- Beth Good

Constable Warren- Timothy Emery

Joe/Si Crowell- Shytana Garrett

Joe Stoddard – Kent Baxter

Sam Craig – Cole Baxter


Baseball Players

Woman among the dead/ woman in the box seat

Man among the dead/ man in the auditorium

Mr. Carter/ Person in the balcony

People in the funeral procession

Non-speaking Dead people


Creative Staff:

Director: Cindy Perez

Sets – Angel and Cindy Perez

Lights – Cindy Perez and Brenyn Baily

Sound – Rick Funk

Costumes – Kari Kensey

Hair and make-up – Renee Harleman

Props – Sandy and Lily Balenger


Projections – TBD

Bonnie Miller

Office Manager at Richmond Civic Theatre