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Auditions Dec. 11 & 12  


directed by Wade Guthrie
Based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film and fantastic Broadway musical! G

Performances:  Feb. 17-19, 24-26, 2023

Shrek Jr. Audition Material




Auditions: Dec. 18 & 19, 7 PM

The eccentric genius Alan Turing played a major role in winning  World War II; he broke the complex German code called Enigma, enabling allied forces to foresee German maneuvers. Since his work was classified top secret for years after the war, no one knew how much was owed to him when he was put on trial for breaking another code the taboo against homosexuality.

Looking for a diverse cast to accurately represent the principals in this story.  Also, ability to perform a British accent a plus!

Breaking the Code audition packet

Breaking the Code character list

Performances:     March 16-18, 24-26, 2023

Open to all!

Auditions for Richmond Civic Theatre productions are open to anyone who wishes to try his or her hand at being on stage. Nearly every RCT show has newcomers in the cast.

If you can sing, dance, and/or project your voice well and are willing to commit yourself to a demanding rehearsal schedule, chances are there is a place for you. especially in the larger productions.

Upcoming auditions will be announced on this web page several weeks before they are scheduled.

Download the RCT generic audition form below:



Audition Form

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