In 2009, Murray Theatre, home of Richmond Civic Theatre, celebrated its 100th anniversary.

To commemorate the occasion, several events and remembrances took place, including the publication of a book by Gary Batchelor and Sue King: All the World’s a Stage at 10th and Main: A Brief History of the Murray and Indiana Theatres. Here’s a part of the introduction:

“The building is recognized for its architecture and place in cultural history as designated by its status on the National Register of Historic Places. The Murray Theatre has consistently provided Richmond a home for entertainment since it opened in 1909. The format of live entertainment covers a broad range of performances: vaudeville, Broadway productions, stock companies, minstrels, unit road shows, and musical revues. Motion pictures, both silent and “talkies” have a long tradition at the theatre. Many nationally-known performers appeared on the stage of Murray Theatre. It has also been the permanent home for Richmond Civic Theatre for more than 50 years!”

Some of the nationally-known performers include:

  • Jack Benny
  • The Marx Brothers
  • Bill “Mr. Bojangles” Robinson
  • George Burns and Gracie Allen
  • Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • Peggy Lee
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Fletcher Henderson

By seeing a show at Murray Theatre on 10th and Main, you become a part of that historical legacy in Richmond.

Parking for performances available:

  • Across the street on 10th and Main (two lots between Main and North A)
  • In the public spaces at the Leland, off 10th street
  • Street parking on Main and throughout the neighborhood
Richmond Civic Theatre Lights