Volunteer with us and be part of the show!

It’s fun to make new friends and get a peek of what happens behind the scenes! No experience? That’s ok, we’ll help you find something you love—even if you have only a couple hours. Your time makes a huge difference!

We engage several hundred people each year in the hands on experience of producing live theatre. Pre-school children to senior citizens, novices to veterans, from two states and at least eight counties, are given the opportunity to be actors, stage hands, set constructors, technicians, costumers, painters, make-up artists, etc. in the exciting process of making a live performance take shape on the stage.

Sign Up if you’d like to help with:

  • Being an usher
  • Small “behind the scenes” tasks – like painting a background or sewing a hem
  • Serving on a committee
  • Joining the board
  • Administrative help

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