RadioWorks is a collaboration

between Richmond Civic Theatre and Earlham College

Radio plays are rehearsed and recorded at Earlham College, and later broadcast on WECI 91.5FM, Earlham’s public radio station. Radio Works was founded by Dr. David Jetmore – a longtime RCT volunteer, board member, donor, and performer. Radio is the perfect program for budding actors and directors to gain experience with a very short time commitment.

I’m proud of my contribution to RCT as an actor and a director and Richmond Radio Works as an actor and director. RRW is a great opportunity to show one’s creativity with a shorter commitment and could lead to the great RCT stage. For me, the stage is about entertaining and educating, if possible. I’m happy to see that RCT is still able to do both.

Matthew Socey

RCT actor and director

We have always loved RCT and support what it contributes to our community. Our support has been through active participation in performances, as audience members, donors, and we understand that it enriches our community both financially and artistically. RCT is the very best of community and what it represents!

David and Cheri Jetmore

RadioWorks Shows

Coming soon!